Measure and Make a Sketch

You'll need a pencil, an eraser, a measuring tape, and the Floor Plan Sketch  ( Please click here, open and print form)  .     

NOTE: When after click this link on your computer will appears Floor Plan Sketch.

1) Draw an outline of your kitchen on the printed grid. Keep the drawing proportionate. (Doesn't have to be perfect), If your kitchen is square, make the outline square. If you have a galley style kitchen, just draw two parallel lines. Remember that a scaled drawing isn't the goal here. Simply write in the measurements in inches.

2) (A)  Mark the location of sink and oven (cooktop).

3) Measure and record the measurements of all the surfaces on the floor plans grid.

4)Be sure to include the height of  backsplash (B) (right down corner on the Plan Sketch)
and the width and length of any countertops. (C) Do the same for an island.

If you want to make your own drawings to more accurately represent your kitchen, please do. The drawing you are making is for a price quotation only, don't try to be more accurate than the nearest whole inch. When we actually fabricate the Countertop we will work from a full template which we'll make right in your kitchen. Just use this guide to be sure you have given us all the information we need to accurately price your new Countertop.



Sample Floor Plan Sketch